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What is a business term loan?

This is when a business receives a one-time lump sum of capital that is repaid at a fixed rate within a fixed period of time. Typically, the majority of business owners use such proceeds for major capital investment in their business.

  • Fixed Rates
  • Funds Within 48 hours
  • Minimal Paperwork needed

Is a term loan right for me?

What are the benefits of a term loan

A term loan can be a great opportunity for business owners. It's a good way to get a large sum of funding that can be repaid over many years with more favorable interest rates. They usually come with a fixed or flat interest rate, making it easier for you to estimate your payments.

Are there any restrictions?

No two businesses are alike. Business Term Loans are set up to meet almost any unique business need. You can leverage your loan for anything from capital improvements to financing new equipment to hiring more staff. In other words, you can use your business term loan for just about any opportunity you want to capitalize on.

How to get started with a term loan?

All you need to do is spend about 15 minutes answering questions in our free online application. You’ll be asked to enter information about your credit score, time in business, and may also need to upload your P&L or bank statements to show your revenue. Once approved, you can access your funds in as little as 24 hours.

Personal Funding Expert

A funding expert will help you throughout the funding whole process.

No Hidden Fees

Move your company forward using additional capital with no hidden fees and no hard credit pulls.

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Access to Capital

Your business term loan will typically have a fixed interest rate or fixed flat fee, which means your payments will stay the same over the lifetime of your 1-5 year term. This makes it easy to determine how much financing you can afford, as well as keep up with your monthly payments until the loan is paid off.

Business Expansion

Whether it's opening new locations, diversifying product offerings, or entering new markets, loans provide the financial foundation necessary to take calculated risks and reach new heights. This expansion, in turn, can lead to increased revenue, a larger customer base, and enhanced brand recognition.

Opportunities for Innovation

Innovation is a driving force behind business growth. Small business loans enable entrepreneurs to invest in research and development, adopt new technologies, and implement innovative strategies that set them apart from competitors. By staying ahead of industry trends, businesses can attract more customers and remain relevant in dynamic markets.

Working Capital Management

Maintaining sufficient working capital is crucial for day-to-day operations, especially during slow seasons or economic downturns. Small business loans can provide the working capital necessary to cover operational expenses such as rent, payroll, utilities, and inventory replenishment. This stability ensures that businesses can navigate through challenging periods without compromising their ability to meet obligations.

No Restrictions

There are no limitations on how you use your funds. So you can focus more on your busiess, while we get you the funds.

No Obligation

Apply for free and see how additional funds may work for you.

Funding Available In All 50 States

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